fem minuter - expansibel förnimmelse

Handtufted triptych for Filippa K, PC Hooftstraat 125, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The idea of textural contrast appears throughout the store.
At the rear of the ground floor, hung prominently within the
changing room space,  is a series of tapestries made from
leftover yarns from past Filippa K collections. Created by
Micael de Leeuw – a Swedish artist whose first medium
was painting – the pieces retain a painterly feel, with the
varying length of yarns adding an imperfect yet richly tactile
quality. When juxtaposed with changing room mirrors, these
tapestries are designed to offer a sense of departure; a world
secreted within another.

Order: left to right
2400 x 1250 x 15-50
2400 x 1280 x 15-50
2400 x 1280 x 15-50 (mm)

wool, mohair,

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